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Cayman Islands National historic site located on 7 landscaped acres by the sea


Discover the unique heritage and culture of Cayman via this lovingly restored window into the 18th century that’s only a 20-minute drive from George Town.

At a time in the Cayman Islands when most people lived in tiny, thatch-covered houses, a wealthy Englishman, using slave labour from Jamaica, created an astonishing 3-storey building called Pedro St. James.

In the 1990s, the Government of the Cayman Islands purchased Pedro St. James and painstakingly restored the Great House to the splendor of its 18th century heritage.

Today, visitors can stroll through the imposing edifice with its period furniture and authentic artifacts to experience what life was like so long ago in Cayman’s history.

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  •   If you like history this is very neat. The multimedia presentation was very informative. Afterwards we were very confused on what to do next. Our tour guide Stacy kept wandering off and yelling at others l.

    thumb glmorgan

      Take a step back in time and learn about the house and the many roles Pedro St. James played in Cayman History. There is a good deal of information that helps you better understand the people and history of the Cayman Islands.

    thumb Coyote-Travelerz

      We took a guided tour withTrish who has a vivid personality and intelligence. She made our tour ten times more joyful and meaningful. Her knowledge is full, about history, plants, cooking, architecture, life in the Caymans, drinks and people and more. Her tour was endless...More

    thumb Flower052010
  •   Our tour guide was exceptional. His mother was actually born on the premises. His knowledge was outstanding and he was very passionate. The video before the tour was very good in that it also included sound and sight effects. I always enjoy learning about the...More

    thumb Martin11250507

      I recently moved to Cayman and am always interested to hear about its past. Pedro St James is one of the grand old houses, although not grand by European standards! Up until very recently the people had a hard life - this really comes to...More

    thumb Philip A

      This historical site was fascinating and our tour guide Trisha really made it even better. It takes about 15 minutes to get there by bus, really a small friendly van, and only costs $5.00 US. The great house is beautifully restored and the architecture is...More

    thumb Cruiser255847
  •   The site was a beautiful and awesome view. The tour guide was terrible. Older gentlemen that rambled a no one was paying attention...he seemed to know a lot about the property, but no one was engaged and many went off on their own. It's OK,...More

    thumb Jabby B

      We drove out to the site. Enter into the gift shop/ ticket counter which is in a new building complex. From here we went to the courtyard and waited until we were informed of the next movie showing. There were few people here on this...More

    thumb tlynn63

      We really enjoyed our tour of Pedro St. James while we visited the Cayman Islands the week of September 23, 2018. We did the self guided tour but next time might invest in the guided tour. We spoke to Trisha prior to walking around and...More

    thumb hrceb2
  •   I really enjoyed this experience. If you love history this will be very interesting and informative. The property is beautiful and the castle has been restored perfectly! I highly recommend this great stop. Laura in the gift shop was so accommodating and sweet 🙂

    thumb microwavesally

      Trish as our tour guide was so knowledgeable and hilarious that myself and my wife & 3 daughters visiting from Ireland were totally immersed in the history of Pedro St James and its importance to Cayman. I would highly recommend this tour!

    thumb AndrewDundalk

      This historic house is a good place to understand part of this Islands’ history The guide was great and explain us with passion all the corners of the house The video that explains why is so important this house was very well designed and we...More

    thumb DrDelCampo
  •   The staff is fantastic. They were very informative and helpful. If you go be sure to see the movie it is worth seeing. It is a great historical site. The house has been beautifully restored. It's so neat walking around you can almost feel the...More

    thumb BanGinc

      We thoroughly enjoyed this historic site, much due to our tour guide, Trisha. She was a wonderful guide full of history, information, and humor. She made the entire tour very enjoyable while still being extremely informative. If you're an uptight person or very easily offended...More

    thumb dr_j_now

      This landmark is well worth a visit. There is an immersive experience to begin with that sets the scene and reveals the history of the place before you are released to wander the house and grounds. This is the home of democracy in the Cayman...More

    thumb planeteer
  •   This is a shockingly interesting tour. The subject matter they have to work with is fine, but their presentation of it is phenomenal. I had little interest in the history of the Grand Cayman, but after this tour I was all in. They have invested...More

    thumb richardfranzen

      A lovely location on the 'iron south shore' of Grand Cayman. A site with significant historical significance. Wonderful old & extremely well preserved buildings. A bar and patio that is amazing. Gift shop has the best prices on the Island for hats, T's etc.

    thumb Lyndon W

      It is rich with history and beautiful! Excellent bang for your buck too! Learn about an early settling family and the hardships they went through. There is a guided presentation which includes tons of information with pictures and such plus a theater that plays a...More

    thumb 1CaymanQueen
  •   Historical, so much to learn of Cayman history the tour guide was friendly it's worth it, I highly rate Pedro St. James.

    thumb OnAir826959

      We enjoyed the tour as part of a cruise excursion. Our guide was a descendant of one of the original families and was very knowledgeable of the history. He made it interesting. If you like to learn the history of countries you visit, this is...More

    thumb earld450

      We booked our tour from the reef hotel and had a great driver pick us up to Pedro saint James. We learned the history of caymans with a show and from our great tour guide Stacy. He had so much knowledge because his family were...More

    thumb James C
  •   I would suggest taking the guided tour. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and explained how the place came to be and the history of the building in regards to the Cayman Island history.

    thumb McCloudCalifornia

      Fantastic location and clever presentation led by Stacy, our wonderful guide who knew generations who lived here. Take the tour. Starting with audio visual, raining on the tin roof, lightning and storm to vibrant history, it sets the scene. Then explore the grand house, verandah,...More

    thumb Susan C

      Trish was great. My wife and I visited after a hard morning rain and were the only visitors. Trish treated us like family and gave us a more than detailed tour...including details on plants. Highly recommend taking this tour. And take your time in the...More

    thumb Paradise457879
  •   A great place to visit. Pedro St James has been restored beautifully giving a real feel for the history of the place. There is also a great exhibition giving an insightful look at the Cayman Islands recent history. The staff are friendly and helpful- great...More

    thumb OLFSRETEP

      Trisha our guide was wonderful. (Make sure you ask about local places for lunch and dinner!) She gave us much more than we could ask for with regard to the flavor and history of Grand Cayman and its people. She also spoke about the local...More

    thumb smalewsk

      A good history lesson explaining the establishment of Grand Cayman, first discoverers, settlers, slavery, government and the tragedy of pedro st james. The guide was good, the reconstructed house attractive and the movie brought it all together.

    thumb dollyddraws
  •   We had friends and family visiting from out of town so we took a family trip to the site. If the views do not blow you away, you will be fascinated by the history and culture of the island. Trisha was our tour guide for...More

    thumb Dani B

      Interesting history and beautiful grounds. It is amazing that they have 200+ year old furniture. Our guide was very good and gave us much information, and we had a nice small group so we could ask questions. We went when it rained as a good...More

    thumb wineanddine32

      We enjoyed the film and the tour of this historic site. It is nice to learn some of the history of Cayman. The 3 colors of mahogany wood throughout were beautiful. Our guide was very knowledgeable and pleasant. Pedro St. James is a nice visit...More

    thumb BeachGirlVA

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